The Australian Public Get To Vote On Same Sex Marriage!

The current Malcolm Turnbull government in Australia found it impossible to get enough support in the countries senate. The minor political parties, Greens and essentially the left opposed the Liberal government from holding a public plebiscite in regards to changing the Marriage Act.

The change that the GLBT community in Australia want the Australian Marriage Act 1961 changed to allow “gay marriage” or “same-sex marriage.”

The main change to the marriage Act revolves around the idea that marriage should include male and male or female and female relationships.

Lets be honest and sceptical of EVERYTHING, including our own biases and preconceived ideas. When deciding a yes or no vote about the Marriage Act, the religious arguments are a waste of time and mere white noise.

Why Should I Care About Marriage Equality & Same Sex Marriages?

Christians are essentially responsible for destroying the “sanctity of marriage” with multiple divorces and remarriage being rampant in the so-called Christian circles of Australia.

Adultery, prostitution and pedophilia coming from the Australian Catholic and Anglican Church simply voids their opinion or religious dogma.

If your unfamiliar with gay marriage activists, than you wouldn’t know that the majority of the public in other “christian” countries never had a say in whether they wanted gay marriage or not.

In Australia however the general public will get to vote a simple “yes” or “no” regarding gay marriage in 2017 by post.

Im sure the arguments that support the idea of gay marriage in Australia has been aired constantly via radio, television and social media. Why not take a look at an atheists arguements against same sex marriage in Australia.

The GLBT Logical Fallacies Chanting Non Factual & Emotional Rhetoric

Appeal to emotion. Appeal to emotion or argumentum ad passiones is a logical fallacycharacterized by the manipulation of the recipient’s emotions in order to win anargument, especially in the absence of factual evidence.

When looking at GLBT activist websites that support same-sex marriage in Australia, make it clear that 2-4% of the population that is labeled the “gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender” community give ZERO thought or concern for 95% of Australian citizens.

Not a single pro same-sex marriage Aussie website has logical or factual reasons why the Australian public should vote yes to same-sex marriage.

A continuous chant from the GLBT community states that legitimizing same sex marriage in Australia does not affect the heterosexual population.

Activists from the GLBT community have been campaigning hard to convince the Australian public to vote “yes” to gay marriage laws in the land down under, Australia.

With emotional rhetoric and sad stories about why someone should vote “yes” for same sex marriage laws in Australia. At best there is very little to NO information from the GLBT activist sites or social media addressing the concerns of the Australian Public. I’m sorry, YES it does affect us all.

I struggle to find the promotion of the GLBT lifestyle choices beneficial. When around minors and young adolescents, what gay men do behind closed doors should be first and foremost considered to be AO, meaning adults only!

When we look at other countries that passed same sex marriage laws, we find the GLBT activists still not happy with the right to marry the same gender. There is a continual push by the same GLBT activists into primary school aged children.

Imagine young children listening to fairy tales about the “prince” who kissed a frog, then the frog turned into another prince. It doesn’t stop there either, with parents being labelled bigots and homophobes simply for disagreeing with “same sex marriage”

Here are some examples and evidence to support the drastic change that families, children and parents had to face after gay marriage was recognised by their country’s government.

The Myth Surrounding Equality & Modern Scientific Evolution

Australians are constantly being bombarded by miss information, politically correct dogma and scientific fairy tales. In a theistic worldview all humans have equal worth because of the religious concept of a soul.

I’m an atheist and believe in evolution and materialism. Atheism and evolutionary theory does not allow for a non-material soul. To then say that all humans are equal would require a soul with equal potential.

If humanity has no soul and only the material world exists, then equality is a myth. Intelligence can be scientifically analyzed with IQ tests. Only the closed-minded state someone with an IQ of 140 is equal in worth and intelligence to a human with an IQ of 70.

Equality is a mythological social construct like the Indian Caste system. Individual human achievement and capabilities are neither equal. Not all are equal and thus not all deserve equality.

Normalizing Transgender Conflicts With Australian Feminist Values

When it comes to the transgender question, numerous problems arise for the GLBT community. For instance would the radical feminists be okay with “men” using public toilets, prison cells and the gyms female shower room?

Would the GLBT community be happy with evil men, pretending to be female orientated simply to prey on vulnerable woman in public toilets, change rooms and even prison. Im sure many feminists would agree that men can be sick, perverted and twisted when it comes to preying on females.

When it comes to protecting the vulnerable and children from predators and pedophiles our personal preference should be put aside. For instance many families designate the female public toilet as “safe” for young children to use.

If the Australian Marriage Act 1961 gets changed to include same-sex marriages then transgender becomes even more normalized. This will leave Australian children open to predators in the guise of “female transgender” and would be extremely difficult to police.

Keep our children and females safe by voting “no” to same-sex marriage in Australia.


Author: South Australian

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